Wednesday, 1 March 2006


Three setups, and by the end of June, four, all in the same town. First off at a Caravan Park for a bit followed by a previous location, and now for five months with an expected interruption at the end of June in a back yard.

Had some fun and games with IP addresses changing. VoIP stopped working - Onno's fault - uhm, actually, no, not Onno's fault, - uhm, equipment fault - uhm, no routing issue - uh, does it work now - woops?

Took delivery of four SkyEdge kits, one for me with a 2 Watt BUC, all with 1.2m dishes. We'll bolt three to roof-tops at clients, the fourth stays home and soon I'll be able to bolt it to my mount. It's expected to be joined at the end of June by a sister kit, which will give us three modems, three satellite Internet dishes and one TV receive dish, all in for an adventure in the bush. More when it gets confirmed.