Monday, 12 January 2004


Second time around at the Station in Barmera. This time I set it up closer to the Station itself, so it had more protection from the wind. We had help unloading the beast this time, so Frances and I could rest easier, but it was still pretty stressful trying to determine if anything had been permanently damaged.

We started experimenting more with the covering of the dish. In an attempt to stream line the cover we actually setup the dish and then lifted up the mount and slid the tarpaulin underneath the feet. The only result was that it was harder to remove the tarp when we had to pack up.

When we did pack up, Frances and I were alone again, and instead of repeating the dropping disaster at Kangaroo Valley, I decided to try to see if it would be simpler to just remove the fibreglass from the frame, rather than keep it all together.

So, I unbolted the fibreglass and we loaded it into the van. That was pretty simple. Now the only problem was, what do we do with the rest? We tied it down to the side of the van and crossed our fingers. I didn't like it for many reasons, the chief one being that it was tied up overhanging the dish and if the ties or the tie points failed, all hell would break loose.

Luckily they didn't fail.