Sunday, 9 January 2005


Unloading was never this simple.

Putting the dish together in its new home after a short drive from Moss Vale to Leeton proved to be completely trivial. The actual tuning took less than five minutes and the dish was up and running without any problems at all.

The wireless gear is acting up a little, so I'll likely spend a little time playing with that to see what is ailing it, because getting a wireless link over 20m should not pose any problem at all, seeing that we had many more metres and walls between the stations in Dunsborough, where it just worked fine.

During our stay here I also want to get the final bits of VoIP stuff working properly and get the whole thing running as our primary phone connection. If it all works as expected, I can even get a calling card and include that into the phone system and make cheap calls over the PSTN network if VoIP connectivity isn't available to that location. We'll see how it goes.